Private Classes

Yoga was never intended for large groups of people, because each individual has different needs, body types, sensitivities and injuries. Anyone can practice yoga, anyone can breathe, but not everyone can practice every type of yoga. In our one-on-one sessions, or small groups up to 4 people I tailor a practice specific to that individual or groups needs and desired goals.

This might be to, gain confidence for a group class, build strength, get a workout, become flexible, relax, de-stress or all of the above. Whatever it is I’m here to create a session specifically for you.

Sessions may include postures, breath work, guided meditation, mindfulness and massage depending on your needs. I can come to you or you can visit me at my mini home studio in Hazelmere.


Studio Classes

Finding a yoga teacher is a lot like finding the right type of wine. Want to try before you buy a private session? No problem, follow the Timetable link to see which studio classes I am teaching and come get a taste.


Yoga for schools

We spend years learning many different skills in school, yet no-one teaches us how to build skills to better manage our stress, emotions, and confidence. We know that through the practices of yoga we are able to train our brain and bodies to build an inner tool kit to manage the many demands in life with greater ease. We do this by using the Yoga ed educational programs which uses evidence-based resources to integrate yoga for children and teens into academic environments. Contact me to find out more about how I can run a free taster session for your school, or alternatively use the booking link below.


Corporate yoga

People spend the majority of their lives working. In a world of high-demand it’s too often that we feel stressed and/or overwhelmed. It’s important for businesses to nurture and support their most valued asset – their employees. That includes looking after their mental health. Whether you have 15 minutes, or an hour, I’ll tailor a program to your workplace, to restore relaxation and focus to your office environment.


“Change is nature, the part we can influence and it all starts when we decide.”

– Remy, Ratatouille Movie

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