Although yoga classes have grown in popularity over the years, it gives the impression that there is one solution to everyone’s body type, uniqueness and goals. As said by the father of modern yoga T. Krishnamacharya “it is not that the person needs to accommodate, him or-herself to yoga, but rather the yoga practice must be tailored to fit each person”1 (1995).

There are many different tools that you can incorporate into a yoga practice such as; seated postures, standing postures, floor prone, inversions, breath work, guided meditations, just to name a few. It can be overwhelming and difficult to navigate on your own, let alone safely.

Not only that, each day our bodies and minds are different, so today standing postures feel good, whereas tomorrow corpse pose (savasana) might be what your body is calling for.  With my own personal practice, some days all I can do is child pose, cat/cows and a meditation, other days it is a full vigorous cardio work out. Each day is different, but we first need the tools in order to know how to move our bodies with awareness, freely and most importantly.

Further benefits:

  • Gains initial experience – it can be overwhelming and intimidating attending a class setting. Often it is hard to keep up and get the full benefits. With a personalised yoga session we take it step by step and work with exactly how your body is today. Whilst providing you the platform to better understand your body and how it moves.
  • Made to order service – do you have areas that you are lacking strength, flexibility or stiffness? For example, if you need greater hip flexibility, you could have a whole class dedicating to working on hips. Or are feeling stressed and need to chill out, we could work on relaxation postures. With a personalised yoga session, we are able to work through what your particular needs, goals and personal interests are. Think a personal trainer session but using yoga tools and your taste in music.
  • Book in when it suits you – there is only the trained or untrained but often making the time around our busy schedules can be difficult. With my online booking system, you are able to book in whenever it suits you!
  • Advancement – personalised sessions are not only for those who are new to yoga, but also those who would like to advance in their yoga practice or have become stale. I can assist you to develop tools and skills that can aid in advancing to those postures you might not have reached and/or work with you to spice your practice up if you are lacking creativity.


What does your investment get you?

  1. Personal plan for home practice – in our session we also work on developing a plan that you are able to incorporate into your own home practice safely.
  2. Assess and track – we will assess where you are today and track your progress, so that you can not only feel the difference, but you can also see the results.
  3. Check in – sometimes life gets in the way and it is hard to commit to a home practice. I will be your support crew to help you in those times and we will check in over the phone or via email.
  4. Tools to last a lifetime – I will work on giving you tools that you are able to use on the mat and “off the mat”.



1)    Desikachar, T. K. V. (1995). The Heart of Yoga: developing a personal practice (revised edition). Inner Traditions International.


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